How to match your running playlist to your target pace

My friend asked me for some tips to improve his running pace the other day. I’d just totally smashed my 5K Parkrun PB and had sent him an email so that he could congratulate me.

His time was 5 minutes slower than mine, which I think we were both a little shocked by.

Note: we ran different parkruns so some of this difference could have been down to conditions and more/less suitable courses.

Of the three or four suggestions I gave him, he jumped on one of them: make sure your running playlist matches your pace.

I wasn’t prepared for him asking me how to check – but I quickly found a wicked cool site Here, you can enter pretty much any song and it will tell you the bpm (beats per minute). I quickly became OBSESSED with this site and so did he. He replied, telling me to check out

Life will never be the same.

At, you can not only look up playlists for different activities which people have already created, but it shows you the bpm for each one and the target minutes per km pace.

Woah. Then I found the filter where you can enter a target pace or a bpm to filter results on!

Whaaaat? I know.

We are both super excited and have each changed our running playlists. We’ve done it in different ways.

He’s bought a playlist from and has started a 4-week running programme which is made up of interval training.

I’ve trawled through checking songs I already own (I’m poor!), to rebuild my existing playlist. No training regime for me, I just want to know if the change of soundtrack makes a difference to my pace.

So we will see…first run was this morning but that’s not a fair result. I never normally run in the morning and it’s fair to say I hated it. My pace was acceptable, but no miracle improvements. The tricky thing is that it’s so hot in the evenings at the moment, I’m not sure if I should trade being warm and fuelled over cold and stiff!

I realise I may be a little late to the party with these revelations and magical websites, but just in case you didn’t already know about them, I really think you should…

WARNING: you may lose hours browsing both/either site(s)

How to match your running playlist to your target pace

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